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How to use it

Use your myGovID to prove who you are when accessing government online services.

Set up your myGovID

Before you can access participating online services using your myGovID, you need to:

Find out what identity strength you need for the online service you want to access.

Use myGovID

Once set up, you can use your myGovID to access government online services without proving your identity each time or remembering passwords for each service.

Generally, to access an online service using your myGovID:

  1. Go to the log in page of the service you want to access.
  2. Select Continue with Digital Identity.
  3. Select myGovID as your Identity Provider.
  4. Enter your myGovID email address. Tip: you can select Remember me to login faster when using the same device and browser in future. You won’t need to enter your email and the 4-digit code will be pre-filled in your app.
  5. A 4-digit code will appear on the login screen.
  6. Log into your myGovID app using your 10-character password, fingerprint or face. Tip: to login faster, you can enable fingerprint or face in Settings in your myGovID app.
  7. Enter or accept the 4-digit code in your myGovID app.
  8. Go back to your browser to provide consent to sharing the information outlined on screen. Only a small amount of your information is passed to the service you want to access. Usually this is limited to your name, date of birth and contact details.

Most services that use myGovID are part of the wider Australian Government Digital Identity System.

The instructions above support logging into these services. For support with a particular online service or where you’re unable to meet their minimum identity strength, check with the service provider.