myGovID and your myGov account are different. Use your myGov account to access services like Medicare (COVID-19 vaccine certificate).

How to set up

Download the myGovID app, enter your details and choose your identity strength.

Find out how to set up your myGovID.

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Before you start

To set up your myGovID, you need:

a smart device

The myGovID app is compatible with most smart devices and is only available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

a personal email address

As it’s your personal Digital Identity, your identity documents will be linked to the email you choose. It should not be a shared or work email address.

to be 15 years or older

Age restrictions may also apply to use some government online services.

Three easy steps to set up your myGovID

1. Download the myGovID app

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Only download the myGovID app from the official app stores listed above.

2. Enter your details

Open the myGovID app on your smart device and follow the prompts. You need to enter your full name, date of birth and a personal email address.

3. Choose your identity strength

You can set up a Basic, Standard or Strong myGovID.

The government online service you want to access determines the minimum identity strength you need.

Find out what identity strength you need for the online service you want to access.

While you may be asked to verify an Australian passport and other documents in the app, this is not required if you’ve achieved the identity strength you need.


Basic identity strength

A Basic myGovID allows access to limited participating government online services.

For a Basic identity strength, you need to enter your personal details. Your identity strength will still be Basic if you verify one identity document.


Standard identity strength

A Standard myGovID allows access to most participating government online services.

For a Standard identity strength, you need to enter your personal details and verify at least two of the following Australian identity documents (your name must match on both):

  • driver’s licence or learner’s permit
  • passport (not more than three years expired)
  • birth certificate
  • visa (using your foreign passport)
  • citizenship certificate
  • ImmiCard
  • Medicare card.

Strong identity strength (beta)

A Strong myGovID allows access to all participating government online services.

For a Strong identity strength, you need to enter your personal details and verify the following Australian identity documents (your name must match on all):

  • passport (not more than three years expired), and
  • one of the following - birth certificate, citizenship certificate, driver’s licence (including learner’s permit) or Medicare card.

Verify your photo – you also need to complete a face verification check. This is a one-off scan that checks that you’re a real person, the right person and verifying in real-time. It’s like a selfie which is compared to the photograph on your passport.

When verifying your identity

If you’re having trouble, you can find support to help you verify your identity.

You’ll have the option to verify your Medicare card once you verify one of the other identity documents in your app.

If your name doesn’t match across your identity documents, you may be able to verify this using a change of name certificate (Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory only) or marriage certificate.

How to use myGovID

Once set up, you can use your myGovID to prove who you are when accessing government online services.

Using myGovID for business

To access most government online services on behalf of a business, you need to link your myGovID to the Australian business number (ABN) in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

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