What can I use it for?

You can use your myGovID to log in to government online services.


Selected government services are available to access with myGovID.

More services will be added as they become available.

The identity strength you require may differ depending on the government online service you are accessing. Currently, most services require a 'standard' identity strength meaning you must have at least two Australian identity documents. 

For more information see How do I get set up?

Business services

Before you can access any online business services, you need to link your myGovID with your Australian business number (ABN) in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) or be authorised by an authorisation administrator in RAM.

Find out how at info.authorisationmanager.gov.au

In future, you may be able to access some government online services with a ‘Basic’ identity strength. In these cases you will still need to be authorised in RAM as a ‘Basic’ user by a principal authority or authorisation administrator who has ‘Standard’ identity strength. 

This functionality is coming in December 2019 for participating government services. Some agencies may require additional identity proofing.

If you are trying to access services offered by the Australian Taxation Office, see Try a new way to access government online services on the ATO website.

Business Portal

A system for businesses to report and manage their tax and superannuation. Managed by the Australian Taxation Office.


Access Manager

A system used for customising access and permissions for ATO online services. Managed by the Australian Taxation Office.


Australian Business Register (ABR)

Update Australian business number (ABN) details and manage authorisations at the ABR website. The ABR stores details about businesses and organisations when they register for an ABN.


Online services for agents

A system for tax and BAS agents to access services and client information. Managed by the Australian Taxation Office.


Unique Student Identifier (USI) Organisation Portal

Used by registered training and education organisations, and related bodies to create, verify and find unique student identifiers. Managed by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.